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My Posted Books
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Book NameCoursePricePostedStatus
The Power of Plagues HLTA01
Cultural Anthropology (3 book package)ANTA02
Fundamentals of Social Research SOCB05
Sociology (Your Compass for a New World)SOCA01/02
Planet Earth EESA06
Natural Disasters EESA05
Understanding Humans (Intro to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology) ANTA01
The Marx-Engels Reader 2ND ED
Democracy in America SOCB42
In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El BarrioANTA02
Cities and NatureGGRA02
Life Support: The Environment and Human HealthEESA10
A Second Course in Statistics: Regression Analysis STAB27
Anthology of Classical MythCLAA06
The molecular nature of Matter and changeCHM110/20
Meno and PhaedoPHL201
Meditations on First PhilosophyPHL201
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding PHL201
Linear Algebra With ApplicationsMAT223
Course In Linear AlgebraMAT224
Economics(Wolfon's section) 13th Canadian edition ECO100
Calculus One Variable with solution manual MAT137
Sensation and PerceptionPSYB51
A Primer of Conservation BiologyEEB215
Essential Animal BehaviorPSY252
Pre-Modern East Asia to 1800+ notes +past tests+ Course ReaderEAS103
East Asia,A New History+ pasttests+notes+timeline+(CHINESEVersion of TEXTBOOK)HIS107Y1Y
Cell and Molecular Biology BIOB10
Methods in Behavioural Research PSYB01
Stats: Data and Models (Canadian Edition)STAB22
Abnormal PsychologyPSY240
Stats Data and ModelsSTA220
STA220: Statistics w/ MinitabsSOC220
POL 214 Textbooks, Canadian Democracy and Russell and Notes POL214Y
Biological ScienceBIO152/3
Introduction to South Asian ReligionRLG205
Genetic Analysis : An Integrated ApproachBIO207
Essential Cell BoilogyBIO206
The Cosmic PerspectiveAST201
The Cosmic PerspectiveAST101
Psychological SciencePSYA02
Starting Points: A Sociological JourneySOC103
Introductory Mathematical AnalysisMATA32/33
Lecture NotesMAT136
Methods: Doing Social ResearchUNI250
Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals 7E + solutions manual + Lam's lecture notesMAT136
MAT135+MAT136 Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals 7E + solutions manual + past notes/testsMAT136
STA220 & STA221 STATS Data and Models. (textbook, Workbook, minitab included)STA220
CHM220 Physical Chemistry 3ECHM220
ENG150 8/12 booksENG150