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My Posted Books
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Book NameCoursePricePostedStatus
Health Humanities ReaderHLTB50
Biology: Exploring the Diversity of Life BIOA01/A0
Single Variable Calculus+ solution manual+ term testMAT135/36
Biochemistry First Canadian edition + solution manualBCH210
Cognitive PsychologyPSY270
Mastering Social PsychologyPSY220
Genetics- From Genes to Genomes + Solution ManualHMB265
Development Through the LifespanPSY210
Biological Science Second Canadian EditionBIOLOGY
HMB265 Genetics: From Genes to Genomes (Canadian Ed) + Solutions ManualHMB265
MATA35 - Calculus for the Life SciencesMATA35
STATS - Custom - Mathematics, data and modelsSTAB22
Macroeconomics: Canadian EditionMGEB06
The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial MarketsMGEC71
The City ReaderCITB02
A Reader in Canadian Planning: Linking Theory and PracticeCITB01
An Introduction to Genetic Analysis + Solutions ManualHMB265
Silberberg's The Molecular Nature of Matter+ solution manualCHM139
CHM138/247 McMurry's Organic Chemistry+ solution manuelCHM138
Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics, and the Life and Social Sciences by MAT133Y
Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: An IntroductionLIN100
The Development of LanguageJLP315
Lab coat and googles BIO/CHM
The Social Psychology of Motivation PSY426
Maps of Meaning PSY434
MAT137 Calculus One VariableMAT137
An Introduction to Psychological SciencePSY100
An Introduction to Psychological SciencePSY100
Organic chemistry and solutions manualCHM138
ECO206 Intermediate Microeconomics with CaculusECO206
International MigrationPOLA01
Exceptional PeoplePOLA01
Critical Media Studies: An Introduction 2nd EdMDSA01
Feeding DesireANTA02
Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach 2nd Canadian EdANTA02
Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction HLTA02/03
Ecology 3E - 3rd EditionBIOB50H3F
Managerial Accounting RSM222RSM222
Business Statistics for ECO220YECO220Y
Linguistics for everyone an introductionLIN200
Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change (CHM139/151)139/151
Organic Chemistry (For CHM138/151/ and 247)138/151
Electrical Fundamentals - custom editionECE110
Linear Algebra with ApplicationsMAT188
Computer Programming in C (good condition) $25APS105
Statics + Study PackCIV100
Fundamentals of Material Science and Engineering + Introduction to ThermodynamicsAPS104
Human Physiology: An Integrated ApproachPSL300/1
Janeway's ImmunobiologyIMM340/50