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My Posted Books
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Book NameCoursePricePostedStatus
Genetic analysis an integrated approach.BIO207.
Psychological sciencePSY100
Principles of Animal Physiology (BIO270/271)BIO270
Genetics: From Genes to GenomesHMB265
'Biochemistry' with Solution ManualBCH210
Social Psychology: 5th Canadian EditionPSY220
An Introduction to Drugs and the Neuroscience of BehaviourPSYC62
Infectious DiseasesHLTB21
Biomedical Ethics: A Canadian FocusPHLB09
Contemporary Health Studies: An IntroductionHLTA03
Origin of AidsANTC68
From Genes to Genomes w/ Solutions ManualHMB265
Cities and Urban Life GGR
Red Flags and Lace Coiffes ANT02
Thinking Anthropologically A Practical Guide for Students ANT02
Wit: A Play ENG
De Niro's Game ENGB05
Writing Essays About LiteratureENGBO5
The Animal Reader The Essential Classical and Contemporary WritingHLTC42
Linguistic Anthropology: A Brief IntroductionANT253
Psychological SciencePSY100
Molecular Biology of The CellBIO130
Consumer BehaviourRSM353
Multinational Business Finance RSM437
The Development of LanguagePLIC24
Psychological SciencePSY100
Genetics: From Genes to OrganismsHMB265
Social Psychology Canadian EditionPSY220
Learning and Memory: From Brain to BehaviorPSY260
Neuroscience: Exploring the BrainHMB200
PSY435 Readings PackagePSY435
Cognitive Schemas and Core Beliefs in Psychological ProblemsPSY342
Starting PointsSOC 102
Social Inequality in CanadaSOC 220
Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences (1st Edition)SOC 202
Introduction to Probability and Statistics: Principles and Applications for Engineering and the Computing SciencesSTA248
Personality TheoriesPSY230
iclickerU OF T
Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macro Economics and Economics at the Movies PLUS ACCESS CODESCS 0980
ENG100 The McGraw Hill Handbook, Canadian EditionENG100
Human Physiology: An Integrated ApproachPSL301
When Couples Become ParentsSOC265
Linguistics for Dummies LIN200
Intermediate Accounting Volume 1RSM220
Urban CanadaGGR124
Mechanics of Materials Custom Publication for S.A. Sheikh, University of TorontoCME210
The Generation of Ideas: A Thematic Reader + Geeks, Goths, and GangstasANT322
Cognitive PsychologyPSY270