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My Posted Books
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Book NameCoursePricePostedStatus
Stats - Data and Models Canadian EditionSTA220
Psychological Science 3rd Canadian EditionPSY100
Applied Behavior AnalysisPSYB45
Cultural PsychologyPSYC14
An Introduction to Drugs and the Neuroscience of BehaviourPSYC62
Applied Clinical Neuropsychology- An IntroductionPSYC31
Social PsychologyPSYB10
Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity + Solutions Manual + MindtapCHMA10/11
Environment: The Science Behind the Stories + GuideEESA01
Single Variable Calculus 7EMATA30/36
Single Variable Calculus + solutions manualMAT135/6
SSC100 Success Strategy for College StudentSSC100
Dante: De vulgari eloquentia CCR
Gulliver's Travels CCR
Single variable calculus early transcendentals MAT135
International Economics Theory & PolicyECO365
A course in behavioral economicsECO331
Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Winter 2014ENV222
The Cosmic Perspective 6th Ed.AST201
ECONOMICS 13th Canadian Ed.ECO100
An Introduction to Brain and Behavior PSYB65
MAT135/MAT136 Single Variable Calculus Early Transcendental 7E + Solution Manual James StewartMAT135
Neuroscience Exploring the Brain Ebook and interactive CD(also past tests and quizzes sold separately)HMB200
An Introduction to Psychological SciencePSY100
Molecular Biology of the cell 5th edBIO130
Genetics: From genes to genomes canadian edition + solutions manualHMB265
PHY131/132 Physics for scientists and engineers vol 1+2 + solutions manualPHY131/13
ECO220 Business Statistics 3rd custom Canadian EditionECO220
RSM222 10th Canadian edtionRSM222
RSM219 5th edition Financial AccountingRSM219
Environmen:The story behind the sciencesEESA01H3
RSM222 Managerial AccountingRSM222
RSM219 Financial AccountingRSM219
Stats: Data and Models + Solutions Manual + Minitab CDSTA220H1
World Religions Western TraditionsRLGA02
Ecology BIOB50
Animal PhysiologyBIOB34
Evolutionary AnalysisBIOB51
Organic ChemistryCHMB41
Understanding EmotionsPSYC18
Research Methods in PsychologyPSYB01
Introduction to Genetic Analysis + Solution manualHMB265
inorganic chemistry + solutionCHM139
McMurry Organic Chemistry + solutionCHM138247
Policing and Contemporary GovernanceCRI335